Our Services

Overview of Services

Goodman Sales is a longstanding manufacturing representative firm in the decorative bath, plumbing and HVAC industries. Historically we have specialized in commodity lines such as valves and fittings. Over the years, we have diversified to a comfortable combination of shelf, spec and showroom lines. We also represent a few select technology and tool lines. We serve northern New Jersey, metropolitan New York City, Rockland, Orange and Sullivan Counties, and Long Island.

Goodman Sales (in most cases) is a buy/sell representative. With our 80,000 square feet of warehouse space and six acres of outdoor area, we serve as a distribution hub. Our central location helps us strategically and economically serve our territory. We distribute to the whole region with our fleet of trucks and regular weekly routes.

The key to our success has been taking on a limited number of top quality lines and providing deep market penetration, superior service and support, as well as robust sales results.

Peter Goodman, President

Serving Wholesalers and Contractors
Goodman Sales works throughout our territory providing key services to wholesalers and contractors through our outside and inside sales team.

Sales and Marketing:
Expert support to sell and market our product lines.

Logistics and Distribution:
Rapid response and technologically advanced warehouse and shipping distribution.

Trade Shows:
We support our product lines through product exhibit services.

Product Selection:
Our different sales members offer specialized expertise in individual product lines.

Demonstrations and Counter Days:
We work throughout our territory demonstrating our product lines.

Technical Training:
We provide in-house, phone, and in-the-field training for our products.

Proven Results
As manufacturing representatives, our first aim is to expand sales for those companies and their products in our area. We have been very successful at doing that as is evidenced by the decades long relationships we enjoy with some of our lines. For example we are the oldest Elkhart rep agency in the U.S. having worked with that company since 1963.

Our second related goal is to help the customer succeed. Our customers include the many wholesalers throughout our region. We enjoy strong relationships with both multi-store wholesalers as well as independent wholesalers. The latter is a particular area of strength that our sales representatives have cultivated.

Knowledgeable Team

Our team of internal staff and outside reps offer a wonderful range of knowledge and expertise. Goodman Sales prides itself on offering the very best product and technical expertise.


World Class Service

Our corporate credo is “Built on quality; still growing on service.” We have built this multi-generation business on the simple premise that the customer's needs are everything. We know that the loyalty we enjoy with many is based on our commitment to superior service.


Truck Fleet Delivery

Goodman Sales Company has a fleet of trucks and other delivery vehicles. Based near Newark, New Jersey we distribute from our 80,000 square foot warehouse to our entire territory including northern New Jersey, Metropolitan New York, Rockland, Orange and Sullivan Counties, and Long Island.