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elkhartlogoElkhart Products Corporation offers a complete line of copper fittings for the residential, commercial and industrial plumbing markets. Since 2010, EPC has branched into engineered fittings. EPC engineered push-fit fitting brands include TECTITE™ and CopperLOC™. In 2011, Elkhart introduced APOLLOXPRESS® press-fit fittings and valves. APOLLOXPRESS® products are manufactured in the USA by EPC and Apollo Valves. Together, we bring you the most extensive line of quality American Made press-fit products.

American Made, American Strong

Elkhart copper is mined in the US, its copper tube is fabricated in the US, and its copper fittings are manufactured in the US.

Goodman Sales, Oldest Elkhart Rep Agency

We are proud to have been a manufacturing representative for Elkhart Products Corporation since 1951, making Goodman Sales the oldest rep associated with their products. The Elkhart product line has stood the test of time.

ApolloExpress Press Fittings & Valves
apolloexpresslogo2The APOLLOXPRESS line of fittings and valves features pre-lubricated seals and "Leak Before Press" technology to ensure quick and confident connections. Both small diameter and large diameter fittings are compatible with most commercially- available press-fit tools. APOLLOXPRESS valves are available in both standard and lead free configurations, while all APOLLOXPRESS fittings are lead free.
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CopperLoc Push Fittings
copperloc_logo2CopperLOC™ fittings are a heat free method for joining Copper, CPVC and PEX tube. They are designed to save time and money on installations. CopperLOC™ fittings eliminated the need to obtain a "Hot Work" permit, which can have costly insurance implications. The potential for flame damage is removed. No more solder, flux, heat, adhesives, threading machinings or special pressing tools needed! The result: lower costs, reduced labor time, and a clean and efficient installation process!
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Tectite Removable Push Fittings
tectite_logo2Elkhart Products Corporation offers a complete portfolio of push fittings. TECTITE is a full line of 1/4” - 2” lead free push fittings. Elkhart has recently added a many new innovative and unique configurations that include the first ever brass bodied push fitting, allowing for the joining of IPS sized tube. Elkhart also offers comprehensive corrugated stainless steel water heater connectors.
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Wrot Copper Drainage Fittings
wrot_copper_dwv_logo2DWV Wrot fittings are ideal for residential and commercial waste water, drain, and venting systems. The use of DWV Wrot Copper fittings will provide many years of trouble-free service. These solder joint fittings are available in 1-1/4" through 4" sizes.
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Wrot Copper Residential & Commercial Fittings
wrot_copper_logo2The production of copper fittings is environmentally safe, and the industry is the undisputed leader in recycling. Over half of the copper used in manufacturing EPC copper fittings is from recycled sources. These solder joint fittings are available in 1/8" to 8" sizes.
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KleenFit Fittings
kleenfit_logo2KleenFit™ fittings from Elkhart Products provide the perfect solution for use in medical facilities, food processing plants, clean room applications and research labs. Each fitting is brightly polished and cleaned of oil or grease and when installed, provides concerned homeowners or contractors the satisfaction the system was installed correctly, while providing trouble free service year after year. KleenFit fittings are available in ½" through 8" sizes and are packed individually to prevent contamination prior to use.
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