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For more than four decades, Swanstone has been a quiet leader in the kitchen and bath industry. Its high-quality products have always balanced durability, value and style. Innovation is one of Swanstone’s core values. Goodman Sales is proud to represent Swanstone and the Swan Corporation in northern New Jersey and New York City.

Swanstone first came out in 1987, initially with a line of vanity tops and bowls. Swanstone quickly became known for its superior impact strength, heat resistance, and ability to resist scratches and stains. Consumers now had an elegant and durable solid surface material that was also affordable.

contextshotSince then, our Swanstone line has expanded to include a wide variety of kitchen sinks, countertops, tub and shower walls, and more.  In 1997 Swanstone introduced a complete line of  products for the restaurant industry, including tabletops, countertops, vanity tops, mop service sinks and windowsills.

Made in America

The Swan Corporation is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, with manufacturing facilities in Centralia, Illinois.

Swan proudly manufacture products made from these material systems in the USA.

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