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Goodman Sales Company is well positioned in the northern New Jersey and metropolitan New York area. With our presence in the market since 1953, we have established an amazing track record and network of connections in the industry. When we take on a new product line, we stake our reputation on it. Truly, our “good” name is only as good as the products we represent. So the truth is that we don’t choose to represent every company that comes our way and we only commit to what we can fulfill in helping our lines achieve superior sales and market penetration.

This region is one of the most affluent and influential markets in the world. We are proud to have succeeded where there is strong competition. We do offer unique value to manufacturers seeking to reach this market.

Accepting New Product Lines

Goodman Sales is currently considering and taking on new product lines. Please contact us to discuss your product line and its market potential.

Product Line Inquiries